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Mule Packaging is a free referral site that helps you find wholesale packaging suppliers and production services.


Every form of packaging your business will eventually need.

Mule Packaging, RollsPack, Boxes and More, all part of the Mule family, is a market leader in providing high-quality, economically priced packaging materials to businesses throughout Australia and the world, including Commercial & Industrial leaders in the market.

Looking for a way to contain your food items? Check out our Stand-Up Pouches! They have an airtight seal which prevents any food odors from leaking out. This ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful tastes of your favorite foods in peace!

The new look of your retail packaging will make your customers happy. The modern design enhances the shopping experience and helps you stand out from the competition. Allow us to help you create a great customer experience!

Our partner RollsPack is a company that provides customized mail boxes and mailer bags for e-commerce companies. We have security in mind when we design our products. You can trust that your package will be packaged with protection in mind!

Our Secur-Safe™ tamper-evident packaging& coin bags are designed to protect your currency. The lined boxes are the perfect place to store your money and keep it safe. Secur-Safe™ bags save time and money with its easy, convenient set-up. and peace of mind

Custom Packaging Designs

  • Custom packaging designs may be the most important part of a product’s marketing. When done right, custom packaging can make or break a company’s reputation. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising as well.

  • Vibrant colors, striking graphics, and beautiful typography are some of the things that go into designing a top-notch custom packaging design. Some companies have even designed their own custom fonts to make their products stand out on shelves or in websites and catalogs.

Please send me a Custom Packaging Catalogue

What kind of custom packaging interests you? - Pick from the list.

What Size is your average production run?

Where in the world are you located

Features section:

Retail Packaging

  • Retail packaging is a significant aspect of the customer experience. For a brand to be successful, it needs to be associated with quality products. This is why retail packaging is such an important marketing tool for brands because it is a way of showcasing what type of reputation they have.

  • The importance of good retail packaging can be seen in both offline and online stores. This is because the customer may never even see the product if they are not enticed by the retail package that it arrives in. Retailers and designers have been striving to make their packages more innovative and creative to stand out from competitors, which means better branding for them.

image of custom retail packaging

Food Packaging

  • Packaging and design are just as important as food itself.

  • It is often said that “you eat with your eyes”. It is true when we are talking about food packaging. For many people, the look of the packaging can be what draws them into a product. This is also why companies spend so much time and money developing their brand identity and producing eye catching packaging for their products.

  • We find it very important to have good food packaging that will allow the customers to start tasting our product with their eyes. That way, they will know exactly what they are going to get without having to open it first.

Tamper-evident Packaging

  • Tamper-evident packaging is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is used to prevent theft. This is done by making it clear if the product has been opened and then resealed, preventing the adulterator from hiding their misdeeds.

  • Secondly, tamper-evident packaging ensures that products stay fresh and uncontaminated. It can also be used to monitor expiration dates and track products throughout their supply chain.

  • Tamper-evident packaging comes in various forms which includes seals, tags or labels that need to be destroyed in order for someone to infiltrate the package without detection.

  • he type of material used in the package can affect how difficult it is for a person to break into it too – plastic seals are easier than metal seals for example because they require less force to break open however we are not moving from ‘evident’ into ‘resistant’ which is an entirely different ball game.

E-commerce Packaging

  • The packaging for e-commerce items is one of the most important aspects of the process. In fact, the way your product is packaged will determine whether or not it arrives at its destination without any damage.

  • Packaging that has been incorrectly designed could result in your product being crushed, ripped open, and even broken. The packaging must be able to withstand an array of different environmental conditions while also protecting your products from damage during transit.

  • The e-commerce industry has seen a large increase in the number of people who are purchasing items online rather than in physical stores. This means that it is more important than ever to make sure that each package makes it to its destination without being damaged as there are no retail stores to return products in case they get damaged during shipping.

Wholesale Packaging supplies and production

  • Mule Packaging is a global e-commerce marketplace connecting manufacturers and retailers with the world’s finest wholesalers. As a result of this, you can find the best possible packaging solution.

We’re here to help you succeed

Mule Packaging is a referral site that helps you find wholesale packaging suppliers – whether you need retail packaging, custom packaging, food packaging, or tamper-evident packaging.

There are so many different types of packaging: retail packaging, custom packaging, food packaging, and tamper-evident packaging. You may need these types of packing for different reasons but you’re not sure where to find a reliable supplier. Well don’t worry because Mule Packaging is here to help! We have a directory full of wholesale packing suppliers all ranging from small ‘mom and pop’ businesses to large enterprise scale organizations.

All your needs in one place

Mule Packaging offers custom design, red flags, and all of the supplies you need to package anything from products to e-commerce orders. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we’ll make sure that you’re always confident and prepared for anything!

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We have partnered with a great company that distributes bulk packaging from California in the USA



We have partnered with an Australian company that distributes bulk packaging from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

The Best In Class Bulk Packaging

The aim of this venture, is to make things easier for you, through trial and error, we ask you where the sticking points are with your business and its wholesale, bulk packaging. If we can make this an easier process for you – then that is what we will do.

This is how this all hangs together.

  1. You tell us what you want, bulk boxes, wholesale reverse print packaging, retail or ecommerce packaging!
  2. We contact a few companies, and explain your order type.
  3. We find the companies with the better offers.
  4. We provide them with your details.
  5. They contact you and discuss your requirements.
  6. If you order then we find out how the whole process went.
  7. We either recommend them again, or drop them from our list of suppliers.
  8. We don’t waste your time, and we don’t deal with companies that drop the ball!



We Deliver Bulk Packaging

We deliver you bulk packaging to your doorstep. (Well, we look for a provider that will do this)

Eco Friendly Containers

Our aim is to ensure the longevity of our planet, as well as our relationship with you – we check that those dealing with us are not looking to harm the planet.

READY WHEN NEEDED Packaging Supplies

Part of being useful is also having products in stock when you need them, how useful is a container that you can’t use?


As machines that make bulk packaging are customized per packaging run, it ends up being drastically cheaper for the end user when packaging is purchased in wholesale orders.

We set up the machines, the cutters, the platters and printers, and we produce a whole lot in one run, this way you end up with bulk containers and packaging for less. Wholesale Packaging at Wholesale prices.


You start salivating before you even pick up the bag. We buy with our eyes and we set expectations based on the image of the food on the packet. Beautiful Bulk Food Packaging containers makes so much difference! If the product looks delicious its more likely to sell.


Whenever we test this, the response is the same. People feel that if they spend their hard earned cash, they want the respect that comes with the packaging, it is all part of that buying experience. Make it the best experience possible and the shoppers are more likely to return.

e-commerce shopping is off the hook

This year has seen a massive increase in the online retail world. Around the planet, people are shopping online and having their goods delivered. We help online retailers deliver your products safely to the buyer using containers that were made to handle the rough travels on the mail service.


Sometimes it is extremely important that something that is sent is also received without being altered. These packaging solutions offer tamper evident seals that will clearly show that this package has been opened.


Taste with your eyes – your customers do!

Food Packaging

You know that cheap looking packaging on food turns you away. Can you trust it? Will it taste good? Do you really need to nestle pairs in tissue paper? The image and the packaging is what triggers those digestive juices to flow – it signals the insulin release that makes you hungry!

retail packaging

I own nice things, and when I buy those nice things, they come in nice bags and nice boxes, tissue paper is wrapped around my Egyptian Cotton shirts and every package is a gift.

e commerce packaging

Wow – what can we say other than that 2020 has been THE YEAR of online shopping, especially overseas. International Internet shopping and therefor shipping has been off the hook – there are few other terms that describe it, but wholesale packaging is the future, or it is if you want lots of packages at a reasonable price.

tamper evident packaging

Sometimes when the thing arrives you need to be 100% sure that it HAS NOT BEEN TAMPERED WITH – These are the bags / boxes / tapes / seals that you need to ensure that the chain of evidence remains untarnished.

The shape of the packaging industry 2021

Customers that want what we have

  • Food Packaging 80% 80%
  • Tamper Evident Packaging 40% 40%
  • Retail Packaging 80% 80%
  • E Commerce Packaging 60% 60%

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